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Home automation (or domotics) is the subject and practice of automatically controlling various appliances or lighting, heating, ventilation etc at ones home.

Often security installations and home theatre control are integrated.

In the past years and recent decades consumer electronics and appliances are developed more to fulfill the needs of the end-users by providing new innovations. Some appliances have their innovation built-in like faucets that turn on once you hold your hand under them.

Some other appliances require some more extensive control for example heating and air conditioning. Those get controlled by temperature and by schedule.

Home automation brings all those separate systems together and controls them to provide a luxury living experience.
Automated systems are basically controlled by individual preferences and moods.

Intelligent home automation could even prompt the person by voice for various choices and based on the reply present a proper result.

Most available home automation systems available today communicate to the main controller either via the existing power lines or wireless or both. In old installations, it is not always doable to control appliances over the existing power lines and in such cases, wireless control is used.

So – how does one decide and establish what Home Automation system to use and where does one shop for those parts and where can one find an installer?

To answer those questions and to assist in the selection and installation process I go over the basic Home Automation systems, here to your right. ————->>

Each system goes over the definition and it’s most suited uses. It also covers in which geographical areas it is available and at which shops the parts can be purchased and last but not least – where installers can be found near you.